Puppetry -- Punch & Judy

I can't help myself. The discovery of The Rag puppet show has got me yearning for the good ol days when I served my time as a Punch & Judy Professor. The rag folk call their craft Wayang Xerox which actually tells you what their technique is--as I was into Wayang Golek. Wayang is bahasa for a performance of 'live' actors so that wayang orang means a performance by living humans(such as a masked dance) and for wayang puppetry there are three main types
In a later post I'll discuss wayang. But for now I wanted to give you a visual and aural experience of Punch & Judy as I know such shows are rarely found today. These videos are two excellent examples of Punch & Judy. My shows were feminist of course -- but I kept to the traditional Punch characterisation. However, 'political correctness' has taken its toll on P&J -- but no one told the kids that they weren't supposed to be delighted.
For the video below click on YouTube to go to off site play.