Puppetry: the very awesomeness of photomontage

I'm still on my klitik quest. I'm still thinking puppetry, wayang and such.BUT a two dimensional puppetry that is TheRagshow.com like. And I was thinking that this has to be considerate of what John Heartfield can teach us me.
That may seem strange as Heartfield -- the famous German political photomontage artist -- was never a puppeteer. [Although he dihttp://www.towson.edu/heartfield/images/And_Yet_it_Moves.jpgd work/was friends with Bertolt Brecht.] I can't help but see his relevance to an exercise that relies on cut out photographs from magazines and newspapers.
This connection may seen tenuous but if you review his artworks maybe you too can see the connection: RagShow MC (upper left); Heartfield's work(right).
Like Dada (and I'm a keen Dadaist in my own way) it's the point of the exercise that formats the medium and vice versa.
In these days of easy web programs,like Photoshop, photomontage is a straightforward DIY, but making the stuff move is either a task for Flash media or some video concoction.
Voila! says I.
Then I was thinking that another world is possible by making photomontage move. And that world belongs to Kurt Schwitters who was the master of cut and paste and found-- that's his work bNBelow left.I can't think of a bus or tram ticket without thinking of Schwitters because he used such items in his delicate collages. It's like, with him, social deritus was aggregated into his merz works. He also did sound poetry.
That's his universe. It's stuck on.
After doing some research I find that the keenest Dadaist on both photomontage and puppetry was Hannah Hoch.(example: lower right).But I can't locate a picture of her 'dolls".
But you wait and see-- this is going to happen, happen here. Further reports pending in these pages...Stay tuned/keep coming back for more.
[To be continued...]

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