Reminder: Ratbag Radio Network clickable attributes

The bottom links to each post on LOR (& on posts to our other web/ blog/ podcast pages)offer you a range of interactive options.
  • Click on the RATBAG(left) font and go to the RRN webpage
  • Click on Email RRN to send us an email (no confusion there, right?)
  • Click on the RRN tour link to go a spiffy Grazr flash presentation that accesses all the RRN attributes without you leaving this page. You can listen to audio, watch video and read stuff from the one interface.
  • Click on Send RRN an audio comment & the link opens up the Odeo Studio. If you have a microphone connected to your computer you can send us high quality audio commentary or news reports. You have a whole hour of recording time with which to do so.
  • Click on Links & FeedsRRN's favourite links, podcasts & blogs (in the right side column) and a full list of all our preferred links, blogs, podcasts etcetera will open up in a Grazr interface.
So don't say we didn't tell you....

Email RRN
Tour the Ratbag Radio Network
Send RRN an audio comment