Sculpture:Fanz Xaver Messerschmidt

Fanz Xaver Messerschmidt
Austrian sculptor (b. 1736, Wiesensteig, d. 1783, Bratislava)

I've been an occasional sculptor-- figures, portraits in the main. That's what you get from being a mask maker and puppeteer (at least and Punch & Judy Professor). I'm now getting a yankering to start back on the clay, so en route as I work my way through this urge I'l share with you some of my favourite sculptures.

Franz Messerschmidt has been rediscovered after so long being lost in obscurity but the power of his work doesn't rest so much with one or two pieces but a series of busts of extraordinary power and gesture. To get a feel for that you need to see all 46 heads together. Don't be frightened -- this is raw emotion caught in clay.