Self portrait with coming events

This be me
So that you know what to expect from the Ratbag Radio Network-- over the next week an edition of The Blather is planned (as it always is--"planned" which isn't quite the same thing as a guarantee but we're working on that). And we finally upload a talk on Liberation Theology dating from the eighties to Eds for Socs(thanks to Walter Lippman).
There'll be more of the Palestine stuff as it comes to hand which will also be showcased on LeftCast.
I'm hoping to secure an interview with one of the CFMEU members being fined in Western Australia for striking -- or at least generate an up-to-date discussion of where we're at with Work Choices (SPIT..!).If you check our links section, you'll be able to share what we're reading and listening to on the web. That's updated almost daily as needs and preferences change . We can do this because every time we synch our feeds with BlogBridge we can share our latest list of links, feeds and sundries on the very snassy Grazr.
With luck and maybe a smidgin of management, I can offer a local example of Wayang Xerox.
"Wayang xerox?'you ask. Weren't you listening? It's klitik with a camera! So there. I've said all I'm going to say.
And don't forget: share your stuff. Send the RRN your pics, videos, audio and the like so we can get the word out.
POSTSCRIPT:Almost forgot. Since I'm loading a lot of media to this site I've altered the format to daily mode. That means that when you visit here you get one day's worth of content when in the past you used to get several day's, often a week's, worth. That means that the Life of Riley Blog begins each day as an empty vessel which I fill up with stuff. Drop by at 6am and there will be less on offer than 12 hours later.That's the theory anyway. And if you want day old bread -- you have to
clickity click via 'Previous Posts' to go back in time.

Thank you for your attention.We will now resume normal transmissionBut remember what I told you about empty vessels and day old bread...