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I want to talk up the relevance of to share what you may find on web searches.
I've been employing my RSS search program BlogBridge to chase down key words at sites like (as I can customize feed searches)and am very impressed with the direct relevance of the results.What other people book mark as relevant is basically what you search through to find what is also relevant to you. So its a precise culling dynamic. But you can also generate your own key word lists --such as mine here for "Palestine" (not very well developed I admit)

But I can share that list even make it so others can add to it with newly found links, etc.. So that if you search "Palestine" on you get results like these You may say that's hardly useful -- well I disagree. This is a great way to research a topic and aggregate your references but it is also a handy way to share your discoveries and maybe even promote your take on them.
Anyway, I've also learnt from mixing it with bloggers that the associated game is to ensure your own posts get bookmarked on sites like, Digg and Technocrati. It's taken me a while to work that blogging preoccupation out. But it's all about seeding your posts with accessible key words.
And websites prosper through astute employment of that key marker -- key words. That is what fosters GLW's great success on the web as the paper own so much of what is uploaded on key political topics.
Anyway once I get used to this business --and it IS a learning curve -- I'll see what sort of sharing I can foster. It's great way to transcend the practical problems you face with generating bookmarks inside your browser.
With Firefox as your browser you can employ an extension which makes such key word aggregator sites as easy to post to as one click.
ps: I'm sorry if you all ready know this, but why didn't someone tell me? I had to find it out myself by dint of so many Web 2.0 experiments.
pss: For those who want to REALLY get into the business of such linkage, there's a new program on the web that will help you read traffic
psss: More info on

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