Some quick web thoughts before I get on with my life such as it is...

My votes for what's best on the world wide webly:
After prattling on about Web 2.0 stuff I'm finding the whole shebang much more accessible than I imagined.
No wonder Microsoft is worried. (How about them fines levied by the Europeans!)
And it seems, touch wood, my six month long hiatus in writing the satirical stuff may be over. I've been facing  Satirical Writer's Block --and I used to run a thing called the Satire Workshop!
Surgeon I say -- surgeon. I say,  heal thyself.
This blog has been existing under a misnomer as I get my proverbials together.
But you see I've been taking a sickie, been off colour, under the weather...
But now-- I can take up my palate and walk.
Praise be to God! Hosanna in the highest! ...etcetera.