The story so far

Meanwhile in the 'Holy Land',

Israeli troops have crossed the border into the central Gaza Strip, expanding an offensive aimed at bringing home a captured soldier and ending rocket fire by militants.! Does the media think we are a bunch of idiots! How much is this guy, Gilad Shalit, supposed to be worth in terms of motivation (or excuses)?
SCENE: Israeli actor dressed in military fatigues is asked to shoot to kill a couple of anonymous Palestinians extras just out of shot. (This is for the big battle scene in the movie Exodus II --The Quickening)

He turns to the director and asks, "What's my motivation?"

He is told, "Corporal Gilad Shalit'. Just think: Bruce Willis."

The soldier smiles, nods his head, lick his thumb and wipes the spittle across the outlet pipe on his rifle. He's thinking, Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis... When he thinks he has it -- the feeling -- he  mumbles to himself, "this one's for you, Gilad, mate."(or whatever the Hebrew equivalent is for  masculine endearment) and takes aim.  He squeezes off a round  shooting a six year old Palestinian girl through the neck.

There's a moan among the crew. "Cut! Cut!", cries the director."No! No! No! Try again.  Will someone move that carcass out of shot?"

The director turns back to the actor. "That was too much, um, Gary Cooper. I  want to see more passion and  anger. OK?  One more  time...and this time  with feeling!"

The actor collects himself and takes aim again. "Take that you anti semitic muther fucker!"

He shoots and five extras fall down dead.

"That's one for Gilad."

And everyone applauds.