Today's Slidestory is the Life of Riley

I had to have a fiddle with this Slidestory program to see how it handled so I could share the drum.
Well, although my efforts were very crude and I was hesitant because I was doing while learning, the exercise was very easy to negotiate. This little gem delivers what it says it will, formatted by a straightforward protocol. Very user friendly  DIY, and compared to some of the audio recording software on the web, nothing untoward happened and I knew where I was at any time.So give Slidestory a burl.
You will most likely be seeing more of it here such that I should make it a  to-do task to to take more and better photographs with storyboarding them in mind
I'll get the size right in time.-- small enough to fit within this blog post format but not so large as to dominate the page--yet big enough so you can see it...
To play, click on the triangular PLAY button.

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