When found...#2

Just got this note to my last post -- I assume it's genuine. But I had worked the first part out. The second I didn't know as I was using http://www.opmlmanager.com.
to publish my OPML.

My delay in putting up more OPML was due to the challenge of reformatting my BlogBridge 'guides'.(you'll have to download and use BB to work that one out).
It's little moments like this that move one's comprehension forward in sharp bursts -- something akin to Stephen Jay Gould's concept for evolution of 'punctuated equilibrium'.

That's me showing my dialectical side.


Nice to see you are enjoying BlogBridge. I'm the guy
behind the product. Just wanted to point out that by checking a single
checkbox you can get BlogBridge to publish your feed collection as an
OPML, and we even host it on our sever for you! (Check
Guide/Properties/Publish for the details.)

Send me any questions you have and I'd be glad to answer!