Who am I party?

Here's an easy one. Who said this?
ITEM:"The Labor Party's capable of providing a decent government of this nation, capable of governing with economic responsibility and a sense of direction, where  Howard has been neglectful in the past...But we're not going to win on that, we will win or lose this election on the success of this industrial campaign - that's the truth of it."
That was far too easy. It was Kim Beazely, the elected leader of the Me Too Party, of course. Although we don't really know what industrial campaign he was referring to. It  should have been  a dead give away with this talk about losing an election.

It's a toss up with the next quote, don't you think? It's either/or or maybe both? What you reckon?

ITEM:"It's very important that Australians appreciate, no matter how affronted we are by what Israel is doing, that they're dealing with Hezbollah and Hamas who are committed to the abolition of Israel...We should feel enormous sympathy for the everyday Lebanese person, we should also feel some sympathy for the Lebanese Government but at the moment let us hope that an appropriate long-standing resolution comes to this conflict...We can't afford to have bandaids applied to it again."

The obscenely frank speaker is Brendan Nelson-- Australian Minister for Defence. As you know,"defence" is what Israel is doing to Lebanon. -- defending itself. That's why its  military is called the IDF -- the Israeli Defence Force.
I doubt that the "everyday Lebanese person" knows the difference between  the application of bandaids and this other form of first aide  Israel is now applying that we are supposed to be affronted by.
But it's OK. Apparently it's allright to be appalled. No one is asking you to cheer for Israel. Just be tolerant.

By the way I think the "long standing resolution" referred to isn't something passed by the United Nations. My guess is that it has something to do with a 'final solution' to the problem.
How ironic.