A word a day: 'migaloo'

ITEM:Migaloo the white whale continues to surprise marine researchers, helping them understand whales' migration patterns.
Question: Why is the whale called 'migaloo'?
Question: Why is a reef off Cape Morton (on Morton Island) referred to as 'Migaloo' Reef?
This whale is as famous as Moby Dick -- for obvious reasons as the whale in Herman Melville's tale was a 'great white whale'. This whale has whole web sites dedicated to it and it is the biggest story in each year's migration north of humpbacks....
But 'migaloo' has nothing to do with whales. 'Migaloo' doesn't mean white thing either. 'Migaloo' is Murri for white fella. and is one of the many indigenous words that are used by Brisbane Murris as a fused language has grown merging lexicon from different groupings who now co-habit in Brisbane. 'Migaloo' is very much alive but it's not at sea-- it's on the tongues of the indigenous people who call us non Murris' for what we are -- 'migaloo'.
Personally I'm not keen for this whale to steal  the language of this people without some protest being registered. If you are located outside Qld , and you aren't indigenous  -- here are your options. I'd like to hear of more:

The word for white man

balanda  in
Arnhem Land (Northern Territory)
gubba or gub
 in south eastern Australia
migaloo  in
wajala  in
Western Australia
walypala  in
parts of northern Australia
I don't see any mention of whales, do you?
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