ALP and Government won't support simple call for ceasefire

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today moved a simple motion urging the government to support an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Lebanon. The motion was not supported by the government or Labor party.

"I am disappointed that a simple humanitarian motion calling for a stop to the killing was not supported in the Senate," Senator Nettle said.

"The Greens hoped that by keeping this motion as simple as possible, focusing on the humanitarian crisis and not entering into the complexities of the crisis in Lebanon, that a message of peace could be sent from the Senate.

"I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of the Australian people would want the fighting to stop now and for those innocent lives about to be lost in ongoing hostilities to be saved.

"The Greens are saddened that the position of the US and Israeli governments, who do not support an immediate ceasefire, is being supported by the major political parties in Australia.

"The Greens will not be intimidated by powerful US and Israeli voices but will continue to speak out in support of the innocent victims of the violence.


The Australian Senate

(a)notes that the details of any ceasefire in the Middle East will be controversial but given the ongoing tragic loss of life any immediate ceasefire is better than no ceasefire

(b)calls on the Australian government to support an immediate ceasefire