Becoming your own newsreader

I wrote here recently that I wished there was some way to aggregate some of the material that is referenced on sites like the GLW discusion list. Posts to such lists have a short shelf life as they lose accessibility when they are shifted back in time, and in environments such as Yahoo Groups these posts will not show up on a standard Google search. So they are more or less lost references.
So I've created a tag on (a web based book mark site) which will link to a selection of posts and referenced material each day. That's here.
You can also access the rest of my bookmarks from the same site(not that they're very well developed or ordered). What I'll do is sift through each days post and blogs and news items I read -- and add to this list a selection -- "The best of...The most relevant..."This list will also be reproduced on this blog in the right hand column under:
Today's link roll
However for the aggregator minded the same list is available in RSS format (and with time -- give me a moment -- I'll also build up an opml file --drawing on several tags ). That RSS url is:
Import that into your news reader and you'll get the day's selection of references from a greenly left perspective that have been, in the main, generated by the activated socialists on the GLW list.
I also point out that if you can subscribe to my links on you should also be able to use the same method to access any tag or key word from the same site. I do that now using the customized search option on Blogbridge .That means I can search other peoples' preferred tags to cull from them the ones I prefer.For instance I search everyday for the tag "Lebanon".
It's a great way to surf.
In time I'll hone this system to showcase a lot of focus material set up in separate folders.

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