Blog This! as an option

I've been setting up blogs for a few projects to do with the Socialist Alliance as blogs offer so much user control and interactivity that they are a great platform to utilize to get your word web-side.

But they're not self evident things -- they can be fickle creatures that insist on a little bit, now and then, of TLC. But if you check out my recent project for Brisbane Socialist Alliance you'll see how effective it is to embed a blog inside a more generic web site. So while the site has its own webmaster doing all the design type things, content can be updated quickly to the blog by a larger network of activists in the localities.

Thats' a great way to foster ownership and utility I reckon.

Nonetheless with blogging the problem can be confidence and a learning curve, such that the business of posting content may not comes so easily or logically for people who may not be so web savvy.

Blogs I reckon are all about content and frequency -- good posts/often. But Blogger offers another facilitation: BlogThis!

Blog This! is a crude version of Performancing which is a blogging tool for serious bloggers. But if you weren't so keen on the technicals -- then Blog This! may be just the thing to get the word out.

And all you have to do to get started is do this
to BlogThis!

BlogThis! <-- drag this link to your browser's Links bar
[If that drag won't work for you go HERE to do the same or something else that will work]
Of course, to prove my point, I'm writing this post inside the BlogThis! window and it's not bad at all. I forgot why I had stopped using this option. Maybe neatness and formatting got the better of me. Maybe I'm an obsessive...

'Nuff said.

The price you pay basically is that you can't JUSTIFY your text. But thats' not the end of the world is it?