Creating a curriculum vitae of blog posts.

Well now, I've been all a tizz as I'm in the business of facilitating a group blog on matters political. Some folk and I were chatting --as is our want  -- and besides the weather and the price of bananas we got to talking about blogging.
It transpired during out tete a tete that they  were almost to a man and woman frustrated, or at least latent ,albeit would- be- if- they- could- be, bloggers. Given that there are at least all of 30 million blogs in the world, one can assume that this sense of blog stifle-ment  is almost pandemic. Blogging has become so de rigueur has it not? You read 'em,don't you?
 With 30 million blogs in the world what about the rest of us/them -- the 5 plus whatever billion --who are , I assume ,missing out on all the fun? As much fun, I may add,as I am having right now...blogging.
So  these  thwarted souls expressed a collective  keeness to join the blogosphere. So they said to me,"Dave, what can you offer us in way of facil..i..tation?"
So I went through all the ways it can be done. That is as far as I knew that these ways were.
But at the same time I'd been thinking about playing with generated RSS feeds -- aka "linkrolls" -- when it came to me that I can create any number of focused RSS feeds on any topic/ key word / tag /subject of my choosing which would be automatically updated each time I added new stuff.
For instance, if I had subjects I wanted to file my posts under or if there were more than one blogger here, I could aggregate posts according to source name and package the list --Voila! --like I've done in this example with video and slideshows.
So if you or I wanted to review what video I had on this blog you could simply click on the link in the right side column and check  out this blog's wares.I could also file posts under subject headings like 'antiwar', 'ALP',  'wanking' and such if I wanted to. (But I don't. Instead check out the link over yonder).
So we're talking about potential here in a big way . That is if you had a mind to harnessing it...or if you wanted each blogger in a blogging team to create their own curriculum vitae of blog posts.
So without  swapping over to some other blogging platform, 'tis possible to do this and stay with dear old Blogger.
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