Environment news with podcasts

Tiempo Climate Newswatch is an excellent weekly magazine covering climate and development. On site is not only an excellent archive of reports and debates, but TC also offers a list of podcasts covering climate and climate related issues. I knew of a few of these and do subscribe to them and do listen --- but I was unaware of these others. Now I know. So I'll be loading up the old podcatcher with new stuff.
For my money, thus far, for my listening ears the best environmental podcast is Ecoshock News.
Earthwatch Radio is informative--
Earthwatch Radio is produced by staff and students at the Sea Grant Institute and the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It gives special attention to global climate change, the Great Lakes and the oceans.
--but tends to pull too many punches as it presumes that climate will right itself through good deeds alone.Nonetheless it is serious journalism with a high didactic quotient.
RRN multimedia resources on Lebanon/Palestine