Lebanon: some media observations

Eli Stephens is a whiz with getting under the syntax and dissecting journalese. He makes some excellent assessments on the capitalist media's warped take and truth massaging in regard to Lebanon.

[First posted 8/3, 7:37 a.m.; updated and bumped]
I have heard on numerous occasions now, from various anchors and pundits, about "Hizbollah's sophisticated PR operation." I don't recall hearing once about "Israel's sophisticated PR operation." This despite the fact that, as I've written previously, I can hardly watch TV for 15 minutes without seeing an Israeli government spokesperson, and if I include American apologists for Israel, the time is even shorter. Aside from a few brief clips of Hassan Nasrallah, I don't believe I have ever seen someone speaking on behalf of that "sophisticated PR operation.".....

...Meanwhile the Lebanese death toll has risen to 835, with one-third younger than 12. Illustrating the point made in the previous paragraph, here's a transcript from ABC (Australia) that I found online:

UN officials say the latest estimates of casualties include more than 800 dead in Lebanon, and 50 dead in Israel, with around a third of them children.
Once again, 50 are not dead "in Israel," and that "third of them children" applies only to the Lebanese dead, despite the (deliberately?) poor sentence structure. MORE>
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