Lebanon:brutal politics by any means necessary

Sifting through the deritus of the web for useful  media on Lebanon et al has been my major online activity in recent days.My  pc and I have bravely gone hither and yon, now and then alighting amid Zionist hubs, but always piloting by our own high standards of propriety.
I have become preoccupied with events in the Levant.
Nonetheless this interaction with the electronic media that now emanates from such a horrific event as this, is instructive as to how useful web resources  can be.
There are massive tag balloons being generated around "Lebanon", "Israel" and "Palestine" as thousands and maybe millions of online human beings chatter about the events as they unfold.
Text, video, and photography are the main tools of discourse as the gross biases of the mainstream media is being undermined by a very different and collective point of view.
But while we can talk about it and share our interpretations, we can't stop the events unfolding by dint of such activity alone.
What has  happened is that this new carnage has rebooted the anguish and anger that we shared at the time of the Iraqi invasion back when. And whether we want to or not the same frustration will have to be  dealt with  as our aggregated voices are  ignored once -- more likely as not -- again.
Nonetheless, we are the same generation that protested in our millions in the first instance of Bush's war. We have memory and experience and despite maybe our best efforts to ignore such Middle Eastern realities the same anguish has come back to haunt us.
General, man is very useful.
He can fly and he can kill.
But he has one defect:
He can think.
[Bertolt Brecht]
So our task is the inevitable consequence of such reality -- to make the best of it. We know, or at least we should know that They want war  -- that there is indeed a 'them' and their interests and their plans don't coincide with our own, least of all the people of Palestine and those of Lebanon, but equally so the brutalised population of Iraq who like their comrades of the Levant have born the brunt of war since the mid eighties.(Yes -- it is that long, back to the time of the Iraq/Iran war...then there was the 1991 Gulf War and then after that the  harsh regime of UN sanctions before the new round of active slaughter began.)
Don't you perhaps recognise a pattern in this? That an extension of a  brutal  politics by any means necessary is being pursued and its victims are determined  by geography and not religion.
Would you, for instance,  want Israel as a neighbour? Think of the impact on property values and the Zionist state's penchant for active displacement so as not to obstruct its view from downtown  Tel Aviv.
So what you gonna do about it besides weep for the dead?

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