Let's be geeky for a moment...

ODEO flash players
I've been embedding these snazzy flash players by ODEO throughout the Ratbag Radio Network as a  means to integrate the various elements: 5 channels  / one device plays all.
Now if you want to include what the Ratbag Radio Network has to offer on you own website this way, just grab the script which is available here.I'm not kidding. You can import the whole thing onto your web or home page. Your own private player with the very best news and views we can create and find from the left side. It's yours.
The way this works I'll also be creating for  a separate player my own selection from the podosphere. This will be Dave's "best of"collection -- the stuff I love to listen to. And you'll be able to tune  in at your desk  whenever you fancy.

New edition of Performancing
Performancing has just released for early trial another edition of their free blog editor which is an extension for Firefox. I use it and love it but I haven't assembled all the widgets for this new edition yet as there's a bit of tweaking involved. But hey! Performancing is so good that it revolutionises blogging and podcasting -- indeed  the whole relationship -- deskstop to web. It's a whole new ballgame with this browser add on.

What with Blogger, ODEO, Performancing, Firefox, BlogBridge and FireAnt working for me I'm a happy camper(and given that they're all in beta -- being trialed/pre-release -- that's amazing). In fact I'm beginning to look upon myself as a web 2.0 sophisticate.
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