Lists of references and media now available

Subscribers to the Green Left weekly email discussion list (and others, of course such as you dear readers)can now access in the one file some of the referenced urls that were shared on this list.
That project has begun to fatten up so that if you go here:
you'll be able to access the 'stream' of references organised with supplementary tags and key words.
If you have a news reader aggregator (and if you don't, you don't know what you are missing) you can subscribe to this list by grabbing this feed/RSS address:
You'll also note that I've begun a similar aggregation process for multimedia posts to this site. Those lists are available in the right side column.
The top one of the two marquees that are scrolling in that column carries the references aggregated from the GLW list. Click on any header and you'll be able to access any of your preferred urls.

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