Mr Blog

We think it amazing how time flies. I've been so intensely involved in stuff that despite my investment I'm still behind. So I've been busy but not as busy as I should have been.(But then, may be such tasks require a capacity for busi-ness I'm not capable of).

In the meantime I've been generating a blog for the Socialist Alliance here in Brisbane and shepherding inside the national SA web pages. Have a squiz here.

It may seem as normal a web page as you'd come across anywhere except -- and this is the magic -- it can be updated as impulse and need dictates from Brisbane SA directly because Brisbane can control the content.That's what's special.

Of the joys of blogs and blogging.! As you see I haven't strayed far from this blog's renovated template: crisp cool lines done very minimally on a whitish background.
Without making too strong a point about it I really get a kick out of playing around with possibilities like this.

In other news just in, I'll be returning to form I expect sometime this week. Here we're in the throws of a state election and with Sam Watson standing for the Alliance we're gotta squeeze as much campaigning into the 18 days that remain before the polling booths open. Its' a slim window they allow you if you want to put your platform before Mr and Ms Electorate.

Also while I think of it more audio is pending just as soon -- you guessed it! --as I can get around to it
But for the time being . if you will excuse me, I'm off to bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzz