A note from the gatekeeper.

Here I am  around 7.30-- at night , give or take a few moments -- and I've hardly done what I had hoped to achieve today.This always happens when I/you get caught up in computer matters such that everything else becomes peripheral as I am/you are forced to nit out a problem or comprehend a newly orchestrated task.
That's me, today, such that everything else has been a long- way- back second place. Fortunately I've been so stiff and fibromyalgic (if I can be allowed such an adjective) that I doubt that many other options could have been entertained.(Although I admit to entertaining some.)
Because I've been embedding video in this site, folk are asking me to do so with this or that clip as this slaughter in Lebanon has thrown up so much digital protest. My concern is , of course, that the more I load this page up with video the slower it is going to load. So bear with me if I over-embed. 
This page is riding on so much Java and so much Flash that each post doesn't know what to load itself with and it has happened already that these little entries get confused.
Just so you know, behind this phantasmagoria beats a human heart...

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