Open letter - Students call for action to end Israel's war on Lebanon

Dear anti-war activists and students,
As Israel's war of terror continues against the people of Lebanon and Palestine, around the world, and here in Australia, students are getting angry and organised. The last week has seen a number of student anti-war rallies, each of around 150 people, at University of Sydney, University of Wollongong, and University of Melbourne, as well as a successful action called by Resistance at University of NSW attended by 50 students. At University of Technology Sydney, more than 40 people attended a meeting on the Lebanon/Palestine issue with the overwhelming majority wanting to help re-launch Students Against War.
There are further actions and events planned in the next week at Flinders University, Murdoch University, Curtin University, University of Queensland and other campuses. Students Against War at Sydney University, responding to the suggestion from the Arabic students club, will be holding a weekly speak-out each Thursday on campus. Meanwhile, students at Melbourne University have taken an important initiative in calling for a citywide student rally next Thursday, August 17. And of course in most cities, students will be joining thousands of others this saturday August 12 for protests across the country (details available here ).
Below is a letter signed by a number of student organisations calling on students to take action NOW against this barbarous war of terror against the Lebanese and Palestinian people. Given Melbourne Uni and Sydney Uni are already planning actions for August 17, students have begun to plan how to make this day a national day of protest against Israel's war. We also want to encourage young people who aren't studying on campus to come along and participate in these actions.
Please read the letter below, email us if you would like to put your name or organisation's name to it and join us in building actions across the country in the lead-up to, and especially on, August 17.
In solidarity
Fred Fuentes
Resistance, socialist youth organisation

Australian students call for an end to Israel's war on Lebanon and Palestine
We join with people from across the world in condemning Israel's brutal attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, as outright acts of state terrorism. Israel has carried out a reign of terror against the people of Lebanon and Palestine that has targeted civilians and infrastructure.
Hundreds of people have been murdered, overwhelming civilians and the death  toll is rising constantly. Over one third of the dead are children. There are reports of Israel using chemical weapons and depleted uranium bombs. The Red Cross has claimed Israel is deliberately targeting ambulances attempting to assist the wounded.
The brutality of Israel's war was brought home by the Qana massacre. Over 60 civilians, the majority of them children and many having fled Israeli bombing in southern Lebanon, were murdered by an Israeli bomb. The outrage against this war crime was so great, Israel was forced to order an investigation. However, Israel has continued to ignore growing calls for a ceasefire, continuing to carry out bombing raids against civilian targets.
Meanwhile, Israeli attacks on occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza have continued, with 150 Palestinians murdered over the last month. Israel has transformed Gaza into a massive prison. 
We join with people from across the world in calling on Israel to immediately halt its military attacks on Lebanon and Gaza and to withdraw troops. We insist that the United States government cease its support for the Israeli war machine, without which it could not carry out its murderous war against the Lebanese and Palestinian people.
We call on the Australian government to stop backing Israel's aggression and to join in the calls for Israel to stop its military attacks.
We urge students across Australia to participate in emergency protests being organised calling for Israel to stop its war.

Resistance, socialist youth organisation
Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY)
Muslim Student Association (national)
Muslim Student Association, Sydney University
Rachel Evans, National Union of Students queer officer
Jess Moore, President, Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association
Nicholas Kafer, Honorary Secretary, Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association
Simon Cunich, Global Solidarity officer, University of Sydney
Alby Dallas, International Solidarity officer, University of Tasmania

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