Palestinian workers' organizations urgent appeal

Take Immediate Action to Save Lives and Protect Human Dignity in Palestine and Lebanon
The Israeli occupying power is waging a ruthless war on Palestine and Lebanon, which resulted in the killing and injuring of thousands of innocent civilians -among them many women and children- and destruction of houses. Israel is acting with the full support of the current leaders of the United States of America which are trying to impose their hegemony on the region and the world, within the framework of their “New Middle East” project and a new international order based on neo-liberal globalization.

In the absence of a strong reaction from the international community, Israel will continue its disproportionate and un-discriminating attacks in violation of international humanitarian law, causing further human loss and destruction of civilian property and public infrastructure.
We, the undersigned Palestinian trade unions and labor organizations, call upon all trade unions, labor organizations and other civil society organizations to take urgent action by requesting their governments’ intervention to:
- end immediately all Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon
- stop war crimes against civilians in Palestine and Lebanon and open international investigations of these crimes
We are convinced that your immediate intervention will be an effective tool against war, discrimination and occupation, which are the other facet of brutal globalization, neo-liberalism and oppression.


Signatories & Appendix

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