Report from Lebanon from Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth

Field Report About Lebanon After the Israeli Aggression
Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth
Beirut July 31, 2006

Since July 12 and Lebanon is facing the aggressive Israeli attacks. Today it is well known the results of these ugly attacks are more destruction and killing. Now there is more than 900Martyrs and more than 200 corps under destroyed buildings and homes in the villages of the south (Aytaroon, Safad al Batekh, Sour, Saida. Marwahin. Ayta al-shaab- marounal-rass Kana….), more than 2500 wounded people in addition to more than one million refugees who flee from the villages of the south and Al Dahye, the southern suburb of Beirut.

The refuges situation:

The Lebanese government thorough the High committee for rescue did not do an obvious activation toward supporting the refugees with the basic servings materials like medical support, nutrition, social care and other necessary supports. Due to this slow down in its movement some disease started to spread among the refuges because of lake in water and food.
Even though there are some supports but these supports are not enough. These supports are delivered to Lebanon through the trucks that have to cross the Syrian borders and the Israeli airplanes bomb them to prevent any support that may help the refugees to survive.
Mr. Igland, UN delegate, did a field tour in Lebanon and announced that the situation is really critical and he went back to present his report to international committees. And he said I think we will have only promises and not actions because of the UN position and the stress it is facing form the American administration for not finding save pass, by sea or land, to support the refugees according to UN resolutions. Another obvious pressure that is put to destroy Lebanon is that the International Red Cross did do real actions and did not take practical steps as it did in case of wars.
When he was asked about that his answer was "till now the high authority did ask it to move to help'.
All these events show that the aim is to siege Lebanon to destroy its people's struggle. In these way the American – Israeli aggression can achieve their goals which is to make Lebanon part of the "new middle east" project, as Condaleeza Rice announced more than once and in ore than one place, one of them was when she visited Lebanon in 25/7/2006.

Some facts about the refugees:

Refugees moved from the south in safe places in Lebanon, so they were spread all over Lebanon

In Beirut:

Refuges settled in public and private schools, universities and institutions. More than 150 schools were opened to put the refugees in and they are full. In every school there is between 700 to 800 refugees the number of the refugees in each school depend on the size of the school.
At universities there are between 2000 and 3000 ones. No more place to put the refuges in so parking and parks in Beirut were open to put the refugees in most of them sleep on floor without blankets because there is huge missing in support. In Beirut there are about 500,000 refugees. This situation is the same in all over the other places in Lebanon.

Citizens in the south:

Thousands of citizens still live in the south in their homes even though they are facing the Israeli attacks 24 over 24. They face death in every minute because bombing on them never stops. In addition to this real critical situation that they are facing it is a kind of impossible to them to move from their places because there are no safe roads to move on. Israel bombs any moving item to it does not matter if it is ambulance, red cross car, van, truck, human being or even an animal.
Most of them cannot communicate with their family members who were able to flee because Israel bombed the communication stations. In brief the people are siege in the south are facing death without any mercy.
We asked from UN forces that exist in the south and the Red Cross to deliver some food and necessary things to them they refused because Israel bombs them.
ULDY with the cooperation of Secours Populaire Libanais try to offer daily needs for more than 25,000 people, but no doubt you know the burdens that were are facing in addition to the lake of necessary materials on all levels, especially that there is an order for the international institutions for not offering the required support which help the Lebanese people to face the Israeli- American project.
The challenges that we are facing are great. We present to you this report hoping that you put an urgent plan to support us and to support our people to face the situation.