Those fools in Miami

The ecstatic scenes of delight being broadcast world wide at the prospect of Fidel Castro's demise are almost comical. The cheering among Miami's Cuban exile community may seem morbid, but I have to wonder what planet these people are on. They may be just a few kilometres north of Havana but these fools have no comprehension of the nature and dynamic of the Cuban revolution.
Fidel Castro is not a dictator despite the many attempts by successive US administrations to fit him up with that role.
So his passing -- if it happens and when it happens -- will be the death of a great revolutionist --- but the Cuban revolution either the good or the bad of it is not the plaything of one man.
This notion is so far off the mark that you have to pity the ensuring disappointed that is sure to prevail.
The Cuban revolution will survive even without Fidel or his brother Raul.
That is the conundrum that these fools in Miami cannot accept. The Cuban Revolution will survive because that's what the Cuban people want. Sure, there's a layer of Marielistas who'd prefer to make a go of it under sponsorship of Uncle Sam -- but what version of the US brand of democracy did they have in mind? Iraq's? Afghanistan's? Florida's cheat version? If the United States were capable of bringing democracy to anywhere in the Americas by dint of arms or diplomacy they would have done it decades ago.But I don't see that, do you?
And that's the US problem when it ponders what to do about Cuba. With Fidel they've failed miserably -- without him they think they get to enjoy a new lease on life in the tired old game of obsession they have invested on Cuba.
The irony is that despite the rough times recently during "the special period " -- each day the process in Venezuela consolidates, the Cuban revolution becomes stronger as its lonely sentence of isolation in the Americas is broken.
With such a headache in Iraq what is Bush supposed to do if an opportunity presents itself? Invade? Remember what happened last time?
So if Castro's death -- if and when it happens -- is a cause for rejoicing, what actually is it that warrants celebrating? What's this opportunity for Bush style democracy supposed to be?
Take, for example, this interview recorded yesterday with Ricardo Alarcon, President of the Cuban National Assembly who poses the question bluntly.
RICARDO ALARCON: Are they going to announce or are they announcing new military adventures abroad? Are Americans really prepared to, after having gone to war in Iraq out of lies and distortion by all those same folks, people like Mr. Snow, are they prepared now to go to another war
just because Mr. Snow and Mr. Bush do not like the kind of government that we have down here in Cuba? I don't like the U.S. government, to be very frank, but that doesn't give me any right to have plans, secret or otherwise, to change the way the American system operates. I think that's a very dangerous approach.

He is right of course. So what is the US government going to do to Cuba above what it has been doing for the past 47 years?
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