Workers fined for striking

Bosses apologise.
"We're human goddamit," every boss will tell you. But...
ITEM:Western Australian company Total Corrosion Control says it does not want to sue its workers for going on strike, but it has to be done.
The company is suing 40 of its workers under provisions in the new IR laws. Coincidentally another 107 CFMEU workers are being fined in the same state, Western Australia, for the same heinous crime of withdrawing their labour when they shouldn't have. That was naughty!(But when has it ever been OK to strike!) Different strike, same penalty provisions.
The set up with the new IR laws is to turn any dispute into a civil matter wherein individuals and incorporated bodies, such as trade unions, are 'liable'.
The managing director of TCC concedes that the new regulations have given the company "the ability for the first time to be able to defend ourselves in many ways in a more constructive manner". (Sure do)
But Hey!, says the boss!
"It's not the best situation, we don't like it - our best asset is our workers."
Here is the order that led to this dispute (ironic, is it not,that any web search for this company --Total Corrosion Control Pty Ltd (Alcoa Pinjarra) -- will bring up not a company profile or a product outline, but these orders delivered by the Industrial Commission at the behest of TCC?

5.1 Each of the Employees shall:
5.1.1 make themselves available for work and perform work as the Employer may reasonably require; and
5.1.2 stop engaging in and not threaten to engage in industrial action; and 5.1.3 not recommence or threaten to recommence any industrial action.
6.1 The AMWU, whether by its officials, officers, agents, organisers, employees, servants, delegates or otherwise howsoever, is directed to immediately cease and desist from:
6.1.1 aiding, abetting, counselling, procuring or inducing the Employees to engage in any industrial action; or
6.1.2 being in any way, directly or indirectly, concerned in, or party to, the taking of any industrial action by the Employees.
6.2 The AMWU and its officials, officers, agents, organisers, employees, servants and delegates must take any and all steps necessary and available under the rules of the organisation to ensure that the Employees comply with this order.
6.3 Without limiting the generality of 6.2 the AMWU shall:
6.3.1 by no later than 8.00 am on Thursday 12 January 2006 notify each Employee of the terms of this order; and
6.3.2 as soon as practicable prepare and provide to each Employee a written notice on the AMWU’s letterhead, signed by an authorised official of the AMWU and attaching a copy of this order, in the following terms: