Been off line. Am back

Original blues hollerin'[audio]:I've been off line for a couple of days. I'm back ...Of course! Was trying to network two computers so I could live under the same roof as a 15 year old boy. You get my meaning? One word: pc_gamer.

But hey this networking lark isn't so easy to pull off. I ain't done so yet.--and I wasn't doing it. I left that to the professionals. But the computer works now like a dream even though the two of them can't talk to one another because of firewall issues.

Don't you hate them: firewalls --whatever they are. A big excuse for trouble.

On other matters---I was going to write up some computerising notes but I've been caught up in computerising projects -- group activities moving in baby steps as we all go forward together. The aim is to take x number of people to bravely go where they ain't been before. To go beyond email to blogging so that they can then embrace the new vista: immediately published content, syndicated feeds, and sundries. The joys of blogging.

I recommend them.

But you see, for the moment, I inherited my computer back from the workshop minus all its programs.So guess what I've been doing and have still yet to do? Ummm. That's right. You guessed it.

So its -- smoko over. Back to work.

[Background work song -- EeeeeUp PC! is a comin'/EeeeeUp! program is a found/ EeeeeUp tweak that program/ 'Or the puter blues gonna get you down....

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Commentary from old Puter bluesman -- D.J.'Ratbagin' Riley

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