Blog which way

Blogging:Heres' a question for you: do you prefer this or that?

This isn't an abstraction. Which do you prefer is about the format I'm trying to engineer for the locality blogs in the Socialist Alliance. The aim is to create easy to use blogging platforms so that members of Socialist Alliance branches can post their activities and statements and such to the national web pages directly. -- without hassle and such so that they can promote that link as the locals' entrez to the whole show. This means there is no waiting time or middle management such as a webmaster. Its what blogs do so well.

So we've taken a simple Blogger blog and template and embedded it in the national domain. The question now is how should we package it? While many attributes are possible in way of bona fide hacks, the real game I reckon is utility without complex issues of maintenance impinging on the primary activity of posting stuff. The Brisbane site here uses an aggregated list of posts to showcase on the top page --while the Sydney site is as the original god template intended.

I really appreciate the utility of the Brisbane format such that you hardly notice the tweak I used(ie: the latest post is dated in 2007 so that as well as staying on top it also embodies the feed that creates the list if headlines and content). Your eyes deceive you indeed.

I call it pristine without being sterile.....and I like to think of it as a good idea made better. So do you prefer this or that?

[If you are wondering about how the feed created by Blogger auotmatically for the blog is reformatted through FeedSweep which offers a lot of potent ways to repackage your feed through java and html. Makes it real pretty it does. Just tick the boxes.]