Blogging the left

I am involved in some blogging experiments at the moment and an Socialist Alliance comrade rang me about facilitating his access to the web in way of running a web page for an environment campaign. I know there are heaps of programs and stuff out there you can harness, but if you want an easy way of it you can't beat Blogger.

Now that Blogger has almost finished fine tuning its new format -- Blogger in Beta -- it's actually has become EVEN EASIER to create and run a blog on the Blogger platform.

So if you haven't done so -- go give it a try! Creating your blog will take all of 3 minutes! Go on --sign up with Blogger in beta.

I think blogs are a great/the best way to deliver frequent content to the web outside of actually sending emails to a list of people. But then I'm a blogger and a blog junkie!*

I'm also keen to encourage other lefties to start blogging. You can do it for any number of reasons-- campaigns, photograph uploads (as an adjunct to Picasa** for isntance). personal issues, as a dairy of your activities, to team or group blog, etc -and with the new Blogger anyone can do it. I'll repeat that: ANYONE CAN DO IT!

So I'm hoping all those campaigning desktops out there interface with Blogger because with the BlogThis! option you can create one click posting. Even with a simple copy & paste gesture. You can even post to your blog with an email message as your blog creates an email address that publihses what you send to it.

One of our projects at the moment is utilising Blogger ease to foster local control of content on the Socialist Alliance web site. We're running two pilots, one in Sydney and another here in Brisbane:

We're exploring access and template issues as well as utility. Check em out. Send us feed back on the exercise..please. If anyone is keen to give it a try and runs into 'issues' get back to me and I'll refer you to help -- but I doubt you'll have such problems.

* The new range of email list programs are designed to work in conjunction with your blog as people can subscribe to you blog posts as email -- the same way yoiu can do for this list. My favorite email subscription extension for blogs is FEEDblitz

**Picasa: Picasa is free downloadable software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.It has an upload function direct to your Blogger blogs.