Blogging options...again!

Blogging: I know I've been retuning to this theme over and over and over again but I guess I'm a bona fide blogger who does a lot of stuff on --and with -- blogs. In way of referencing my options and yours I thought I'd post a quick note.

I'm writing this post inside the blogging editor that's built into the new browser platform -- Flock --and it aint half bad. Very clean and with a pleasant interface. As a Firefox user I've relied on Performancing as my in browser editor but this one stacks up well indeed. I wonder, since Flock and Firefox are kin, if I can import this editor into Firefox?

Unfortunately I've had issues with Performancing as the folk who are programming it assure me that my issues -- failure to post now and then being the strength of it -- is a problem with the feed generated in Blogger. This is not an issue with Blogger's own BlogThis! --but BlogThis! and Flock's blogging addition don't offer in screen image upload or link as a one click process. Blog in Flock offer a pretty good spell checker though -- developed from a Firefox extension.

The plus is that it's great to be able to employ a few blog editing options:

  • BlogThis!(which will embed in most browser toolbars)
  • Inside Blogger itself via the sign in protocol to CREATE
  • Blog in Flock
  • Performancing

And with so many easy ways to post to your blog all you gotta do is do it! What could be easier? And now with Blogger in beta to format your ways and means -- it's real easy to get started without knowing a darn thing about the ways of the web. If you already have a gmail (email) account --you also own a Blogger account( such that emailing your thoughts and blogging same is a dovetail sort of thing). Your gmail account details serve as your sign in for Blogger in beta.

Blogger in beta aint a hacker's dream -- and the door is still open as to how the templates it uses can be tweaked to good effect, but if you are after simple and nice easy doing stuff -- Blogger in beta is child's play.

I'm sticking with the old form for now as it suits my signing in habits but I own up to possessing at least one Blogger in beta blog.

And if someday you want to blog real pretty like -- check out this layout here (on this page -- Simpla) and the new one I'm facilitating there. (Bosa) Both Simpla and Bosa were designed by by Phu Ly and adapted to Blogger by Kaushal Sheth I think they're awesome designs. For me it was ecstatsy at first site.

There's a community of template designers out there hacking and reformatting Blogger templates such that really the world's your oyster. (Assuming you wanted a site decorated with shellfish, that is).

Think about on!

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