You know how it is: when you commit to a project you get involved in it sometimes a touch obsessively.But rather than dealing with the business to hand directly you go off on tangents because you think they are easier and more exciting than what the enterprise supposed to be about.
C'est moi!

But hey! it's fun! I've come across the great blog template -- that's the format for how the blog operates and is laid out.It was love at first site (huh! as in blog site). So I had to harness its aesthetic to my own ends.

Several frustrating hours later...I finally tweaked it so it will work the way Mother Blog intended. Only two sites up for the moment. They're more or less in final-stages -mode.

The general Ratbag Radio Network directory is one; and VenSol:Venezuela Solidarity podcast is another. Over the next, well, x number of hours , days and frustration I'll turn the whole network onto this Simpla template.

In blog land look is a big deal as it's all about hacking what you start with and making it just you! And, just quietly -- between you me and the lamp post -- I'm a Simpla kind of guy.