Confessions of an newly addicted hacker

As chance would have it I have been involved in sundry web projects which have been distracting me of late. Consequently I have been very much aware of the fact that I was interneting way out of my depth. But what could be more challenging than a sink or swim coda?

Out there, I'm learning, are communities of hackers and passionate blogger types that can't help fiddling with the standard fare. This community of amateur designers and hackers is also very much into the mantra of Creative Commons with its share and share alike principles.

To these people I dips me lid. I will, as much as I can, wallow in their good graces and explore the access that they have pioneered to engineering what we see and do on the web.

The Blogger community of hackers and fiddlers, template re-designers and the like is a dedicated crowd who take one platform and alter it for the good. I am amongst them now, seeking ways to do this or ways to do that.And as I negotiate their protocols I am encouraged to do more with what I've got in front of me.

My quest, my glorious quest, is to facilitate a community of greenly left activists who exploit the web as a tool more aggressively than is currently so far the case.

The Socialist Alliance access project (example here) is consolidating such that we can look forward to localities and focus groups controlling their own content on the national web pages.

This business of retooling my own blogs/podcast sites has offered me more options as I research the sort of information that the web so generously offers its children.

But what I have to start doing is write the easy method to blog using Blogger for a layer of political activists who aren't IT savvy -- and who, if pressed, will most likely tell you that they are happy with their ignorance and are keen to keep it that way.

So there's a learning curve that you have to assist people to climb. But then that's what Web 2.0 (which I believe actually exists) is all about: communities moving forward together harnessing collective knowledge and not so much reliant on singular expertise.