Dateline on Venezuela: poor journalism?

Television:Last night SBS's Dateline aired its segment on Venezuela --and what a dog's breakfast it was. Confused, distracted --it was very hard to follow what it was about.

It asserted throughout that there was massive corruption in Venezuela and that the police weren't to be trusted. How about that....! But it also insinuated that the stripping of funds by various schams was tolerated by the government because it wasn't up to the task of fighting it -- inferring that the problem with the Venezuelan revolution was too much largesse... handed out willy nilly to the poor.

Also, after spending a lot of air time wallowing in the attitudes and complaints of  the Tupermaros(some one should tell us who these bods are) it was left up to the grandparents to tell the world why the Bolivarian Rev was OK and here to stay.

This guy must have studied journalism on the back of a Wheeties packet. It's its attempt to be objective and 'liberal' it was a total embarrassment. One third of the way in any viewer would have been wondering where the hell this segment was going.

Better than you watch the Greg Palast doco on Ven  here. before you expose yourself to the SBS version of Venezuela The SBS produced doco is available from the SBS web site...But don't say I didn't warn you.