Do it! Even on a dogscooter...

Audio:Following on from mu musings before --My Ta-da Lists-- I have created RRN's very own and very official What is to be done? list, so at least, I ,can keep up with what, at least, I, have to do.
And it's official and public so that you can look over my shoulder and say -- well you wrote it down and that's as good as a promise. You see, what the world lacks today is discipline -- discipline that can only come if its backed up by bullying. So you be the bully and I'll be the victim. Ok?

That list can be accessed in the margin at this link:

And when I think of what needs doing I do it. That's the idea ain't it? So I went out and fixed a few items on The Green Machine. The Green Machine is my dogscooter --a public transport item of which I am very proud. I was going to go shopping just then on it but reneged because there was a nasty thunderstorm gathering in the south.(They'll use any excuse! I hear you say.)

So instead of that and to give this post some verve -- I'll take you on a trip scootering on the Green Machine.[When the sound cuts out - -as I change the mic setup -- don't worry, I come back]

Tech Note: As I mentioned: the audio for this was created by recordnig my voice and our journey rather poorly in broadcast terms on my iRiver with my Electret Sony microphone. I should have grabbed my headset and attached the mic to that...But you could do the same on any mp3 player/recorder or cassette tape recorder.

I then plugged this device into the microphone line in on my computer and went to the ODEA Studio page where I clicked RECORD there as I pushed PLAY on my recorder. I listened in as I did so and adjusted the volume control now and then in the studio interface to try to dampen the wind noise. When the recording was finished I simply clicked STOP. I SAVED and then I grabbed the flash player for this site. I could also have utilized the Mp3 file/url created as part of a podcast.

The other relevancy, that I failed to mention before,is that I ran the player to the microphone input using a line from the earphones jack on the player. These are cheap cables available in all electronics stores.