Extending yourself and harnessing the web's great empty spaces

Web 2.0: I cannot help but be excited about the wonders of Web 2.0 possibilities. Why put up with all this stuff happening on your own computer when you can shift your  business off shore to the web? I'm not a IT pro or much of a player but I know a good thing when...

So here are a couple of my favourites:
  • GMail Space 0.4.5. This is an extension for FireFox -- the web browser we should adopt in preference to Internet Explorer. Install  GMail Space in a twinkling and you can harness your Gmail account (I hope you've got one of those free accounts by now? I've turned my back on all other email options and I was a Pegasus aficionado for years) and use all that space you are allocated to upload and store files from your terrestrially handicapped  hard drive. This is an easy upload folks  - one click without any configuring to worry about. I'm using it now to store my miscellaneous collection of Mp3 files that I've recorded at various podcastable outings.(And Mp3 files are big files!) GMail Space also has a beaut "Player Mode" so I  can play the audio while it's still on the web. It also offers  "Photo Mode" so you can view your digital images there too. And when you've filled up all that space on one Gmail account with Google --  you create another and maybe another account -- just to store all this overflow you accumulate. And when you want to check through your reserve stock and ,say, look at the pics or listen to the Mp3 audio you've set aside by uploading -- all you need do is open your Gmail account and scroll through the GSPACE emails and delete what you want to get rid of as each email has as its attachment one of the files you uploaded to GSPACE. You can even play audio and view your images inside your GMail email window. Absolutely10/10.
  • GMail GTD is Andy Mitchell's "Getting Things Done" extension for FireFox which harnesses all that Gmail email capacity and helps you organize it so you don't go crazy. It may take a bit of getting used to as a system but once you're tagging -- yep! there's that magic verb again -- thousands of emails you sent or received are- literally -- at your fingertips. Such ease of searching is a marvel, is it not? And of course I use GTD to tag and sort the files/emails  I upload to GSPACE. It's all in the wrist action you see.. ergonomic use of the web. I can't think how this extension can be improved but I'm sure it will be.
  • Spellbound is an extension I'm absolutely dependent on as it offers  a "spell as you type" attribute when composing on the web. Since that's  where I write this and compose my blogs and podcast notes I need this checker working through my script as I try to pull it towards the Queen's English. But its an annoying undeveloped extension that isn't all beer and skittles to tweak to your needs -- so I'm hoping the developers work some  more on it to  overcomes some of its bugs. But if you compose on the web -- Get Spellbound. This post would be gabble without it as I'm Typo Numero Uno.