Feedback for the hack

Blogging: While I've still got it up there, you may want to check out the new blog template I'm fiddling with. This is just an experiment, but the new one hails from the same school --Phy Ly -- that generated the Simpla theme I used on this blog. And I love that heaps!

'Tis amazing what you can do and find if you put your mind to it. While I'm content man-- tahts' as in substance rather than look-- when it comes to the web I abhor the penchant for dress up and flash introes -- there are some themes and templates that are such creative interfaces that you are amazed how easily utility merges with visual design. I am anyway.

The new template I'm referring to is here. Please excuse the mess, It's only a working model that drops off if you tour too far east or west.

If you are in a feedback mood, send me some.