I'm back....

A thousand pardons Life of Riley would be readers: I have been offline since Saturday last. I expected my computer to return from the shop on Tuesday morning but -- as you can guess --"you want it when!" -- and since I'm not party to the sort of payola to fast track free work I went with the flow.

So I'm catching up now that the many plugs have been connected to their various IT devices.

In betwixt I've been caught up both by the rush of rainstorms here in drought dried SEQ -- South East Queensland -- and the various bits and pieces that make up the local Socialist Alliance election campaign for Sam Watson

You can read about the wave of support that's a'building here in SEQ on the SA Brisbane blog site .We'll be adding more stuff over the weekend to that little portal.
The site is also an exercise in enabling locality branches and campaign groups to control their own related content on the national Socialist Alliance website by embedding blog pages inside the broader web presence.

Anyway I'm back...if you were at all worrying about my absence.