The joys of

Regular visitors may note that I have banished the rawsugar tag system from my margin. Great idea but so invasive. I had to embed so much script 'tis a wonder there was anything text left to run the blog.

So bye bye-- I'm sticking with and there are enough bells and whistles in that setup to keep me interested for some time to come. Tagging is a great concept as a way to both organise your interests, favourites, references and the like and share these urls.

It goes with anything and the only limitation is your limited tag word imagination. So there's a smart logic there you need to get used to. But no worry-- if you think you've tagged an item incorrectly so as you want find it again, it's easy to change the tag to something else.

On top of that -- the tagging community is yours to harness because you can access and import other peoples' tag lists. And in an instant you can turn any tag root into a RSS feed. How cool is that!

I keep mentioning the potential of tags and tagging to a lot of people but they don't seem to get the drift as, I guess, with all this Web 2.0 stuff you have to experience the feature to understand it. And, I should add with the Firefox extension grabbing content for keeps is a one click option.

Elsewhere in my BlogBridge rss aggregator I customize search feeds -- "Query Feeds" -- that trawl through all of to highlight content with specific key words/tags.Just then I searched all of delicious using this option for information on 'tags' and 'tagging' and I get 14 references for today and 18 for yesterday -- that's just two days worth of fresh content!

I got into delicious via the attributes offered by Feedburner for their feeds and the research potential built into BlogBridge. Here I've occasionally harnessed feeds as lists on these pages. So there's heaps of flexibility with this stuff. So expect more experimentation here as the days go by.

Fore the moment I'm reformatting my blogs and podcast pages and seeking ways to integrate them.