Let the Ceren family stay!

Refugees:Socialist Alliance members in Tasmania are campaigning for Vanessa Ceren and Nestor Rodriguez and their four children to be granted permanent residency in Australia.

This family fled El Salvador in fear for their lives. They came to Tasmania where Vanessa’s large extended family live. Two of the children, Jeshua and Joseph were born here. To send them back to El Salvador and into danger would be wrong.

Despite enormous hardship and living for two years with no independent income, Vanessa and Nestor have been law-abiding members of our community.

Their family and the community, have supported them for this time while they have not had access to an independent income.

It would be pointless to send them back to El Salvador where they would then need to apply for a visa under the Last Remaining Relative criteria of the family reunion programme to return to their family and community here. It would needlessly put them in danger and be a waste of time and money and interrupt the children’s education.

The Socialist Alliance calls on the Australian people to stand up for human rights and call on the government to give this family the fair go they deserve.

To write a letter to:
The Honourable Senator Amanda Vanstone
Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
c/- Duncan Kerr
GPO Box 32
Hobart, 7001
Make sure you include your name, address and the date.
For more information: 03 62346397
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