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I have been working with Wawick Fry to develop some program feeds for NimFM. In future if you go to the NimFM website you will have a greater choice of material you can subscribe to.

Here's the latest from the newly generated LatinRadical channel. The bold links are Mp3 audio files.
  1. Latin Radical -Sept. 3 - Death Squads; 13, U.N.; 0 - nimbinradiomedia's Podcast

    Latin Radical - Death Squads: 13 UN: 0 LatinRadical - DeathSquads:13, UN: Nil 29Mb. 18 minutes. 2NimFM Latin Radical. Sunday, September 3rd. 2006: Lara Pullin responds to the latest update on the Death Squad killings in El Salvador. 13 more gover

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  2. Latin Radical August 27 - East Timor Revisited - nimbinradiomedia's Podcast

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    Latin Radical August 27 - East Timor Revisited 26Mb. 19 minutes. An exclusive interview with James Dunn who has recently returned from East Timor. Jim was invited by the new, recently appointed East Timorese President Jose Ramos to come to East Timor

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  3. Return of the Death Squads - Guerilla Radio Operator threatened again -nimbinradiomedia's Podcast

    Interview with Lara Pullin shortly after news that ultra-right wing death squads in El Salvador have returned murdering the family of a famous FMLN radio announcer. Mariposa was the code name for a teenage announcer on the clandestine guerilla Radio Vence

    to LatinRadical Ethnic ... on aug 28