Podcast tagging for RSS power (geek talk)

What if  you had programs on the one podcast channel feed and wanted to separate some out into separate categories people could subscribe to. Eg: separate the interviews from the other stuff you do, or all the programs on Irish music from those on the music of  Mali....or that special four part series you did on worm farming that
you wanted shelved off as a separate subscription option.
The DIY information is out there but is a touch confusing.THAT's your podcast feed that can be subscribed to in any podcatcher and handed to iTunes or whatever.


  1. Create a del.icio.us account if you don't have one. http://del.icio.us/
  2.  Decide on a tag for the feed you are going to create: eg: "podcast_interviews", "podcast_techtalk", "Mali_Mp3", or whatever.
  3.  Go to you podcast pages wherever they may be -- Libsyn, Blogger, Odeo, etc and tag each podcast program with you specified tag. You can incorporate the show notes if you like via simply copy/paste.
  4.  For each program make sure that the url you tag is that for your Mp3 file as the page won't podcast.(Thats' the main trap when you do this.)

(which is the Libsyn page -- is not what you want to tag)

You want the Mp3 file/url


(which is the podcast/audio file)

 Each tag on delicious will automatically generate a RSS feed.
5.Copy that RSS feed url and create an account for it with Feedburner.The delicious RSS url will be something like:
but when processed in Feedburner will be(indeed it was!) converted to something like this:

Formally you could create any number of feeds like this to cover any  variety of tagged combinations or categories which can be offered out as subscriptions. You could do a "Best Of" bundle of shows. You can plunder your archive to reprise old stuff and make it fresh by  reformatting its packaging. If you also vlog -- you can separate out your videos from your podcasts so that subscribers have the option of subscribing just to your vlogs , to your podcasts only or all your  wares combined -- packaged in a choice of three separate feeds. You  can use the one account/ blog page to create an all in feed (say on Libsyn) but share out your content through an array of tagged options on different feeds. You can use the one page to create a podcast feed but also to generate another feed for your text blog posts only....

One of the advantages of running your main feed through Feedburner too  is that you can FeedFlare it with an "add to del.icio.us" option for  each post which this will make tagging your production that much easier. (And if you also employ raw sugar as a tag aggregator ---


(still in beta)you can tag and categorise almost everything on your podcast by employing variations of the same system of del.icio.us tags AND display those options on your pages.

That's the advantage in tagging like this it makes content -- and what you offer as a subscription -- so customizable.