Podcasting thoughts on GMail Space

Podcasting: Since I live at the lower end of the income graph I gotta make do with what I can afford. The problem with a hobb like podcasting is that it can place a lot of pressure on your computer's capacities so that you are forced to make hard decisions about deleting your large space demanding Mp3 and WAV files. Rather than move them away from the work station via cutting a CD or filling up a USB storage unit there is another option and its so cheap it's free.

The new version of GMail Space 0.4.5. (see previous post) extension for FireFox allows you to harness multiple Gmail accounts to store your files on the web. This is an easy upload with GMail Space as it is a simple one click process without the rituals often associated with FTP programs. Just sign into your Gmail account inside the GMail Space extension; mark off your files for uploading and click upload.

Since theres' so much space available through GMail there's a lot of audio you can store this way away from your crowded hard drive.

GMail Space also has attributes that allows you to play your audio or view your images on the web through an embedded flash player(So it's like having your own private playlist or album). And if you don't want to do it that way, you can search through your emails on that account emanating from GMail Space storage and review them that way as your file is stored as a series of email attachments on the Gmail 'site'. Not only can you create folders on the web for storage on GMail Space, but you can use another Firefox extension -- GTD -- to order your attachments by labelling them inside your own mailer.

I find these attributes even a little easier to put to use than relying on the hierarchies inside my own computer.

Ah yes...one more thing:you can take out any number of GMail accounts so just think of all those wide open spaces you can people with your audio.And with a tool like GMail Manager (another Firefox extension) it's easy to switch between accounts. This also means you can access your audio files from different computers or store them webside while you are travelling.

I'm sure there must be an opening for a hack to podcatchers like Podcast On A Stick  to make this a seamless and totally mobile attribute as an easy way to store new audio until you get around to editing it. I'll be podcasting a conference next month on the other side of the continent and I was concerned about where I'd put my Mp3 files (recorded on an iRiver)after I ran out of my 8 hour allocation. I decided my best option was to use a HiMD as backup.*

PS: Since I have to share my computer with an adolescent gamer -- banishing my audio , as well as my daughters music downloads,upwards to accessible web parcels is the best present I've received in years. Web 2.0 rules!