Radio SSP: broadcasts from the Scottish Socialist Party

Image:YouTube.gifPodcasting/Video: SSP Radio promises to present regular programs taking on all the key issues. The web audio and podcast channel will be talking about poverty, inequality and war and the socialist alternative provided by the Scottish Socialist Party.

This exciting initiative has been matched by the associated video project -- Friends of the Scottish Socialist Party Television which has already built up a catalogue of videos focusing on,primarily, SSP events and leading activists. Many of these presentations are inspiring and I've embedded a few of them here among this blog's video archives.

This example is one of many creative uses of the under 10 minute video sharing attributes offered by YouTube. While there has been a very rich media intervention from a socialist perspective achieved by the team at Actively Radical TV, their recent censorship dispute with Sydney community television station management, makes this other sharing option a lot less fraught with interventionist agendas that seek to stifle the left alternative voice. I think there's a lot we can do with such avenues as shareable web video , free to air television and the always productive video nights organised around themes and campaigns.

All I need now is my own video camera!

I'm exploring a few options here in regard to this Scottish example in way of media activities with a clear socialist logo...As they say on many a console -- keep tuned for further developments.