Record commentary NOW or file a news report for the Ratbag Radio Network

Audio:As part of the process of reformatting the Ratbag Radio Network anyone who wants to make a comment or file a report for possible podcast, web audio and maybe radio distribution to use the create audio facility here:*

The Odeo Studio is a very easy interface to operate and all you need is a microphone plugged into the computer you are using.[Any computer microphone will do as the studio manages a recording of 128 kbps/stereo/44khz as its default format.]

Once you've created and saved your recording --send an email to the RRN

with the audio's web address. And RRN will do the rest.

You'll need to open an Odeo account but that takes no more than a minute..and its free!. It's handy to have such access to make any number of recordings for occasional use.

If you have recorded something on another recording source -- cassette tape, mini disc, Mp3 recorder/flash player, etc -- you can plug your device into the computer's microphone jack and re-record and upload your audio that way. If you have recorded audio to your computer's disc Odeo has a one click upload facility. And if your audio is files elswhere on the web, you can link to it.

This is the easiest/no-skills-required method for generating share-able audio. Before broadcast/podcast we can edit out any of your umms, stumbles, embarrassing expletives, and the like.

So give it a go.

The Ratbag Radio Network will soon be setup to record exchanges-- such as interviews -- through GoogleTalk  on the web.Google Talk is a quick one click add on to your GMail account.**

 RRN  has also invested in a new recording setup to record better quality audio from  telephone interviews.

More news as developments are consolidated.

* RRN has dropped the Send an Odeo message option because it has proven to be unreliable.
** GoogleTalk is more accessible and likely to be more popular than such platforms as Skype. However, over the next few months  --following on from a deal between the two networks -- GoogleTalk account users will be able to talk to Skype ones.