The Revolution will not be as Advertised

Television:A special SBS documentary on Venezuela will be shown next week::
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has become a poster boy for international revolution - he's loved by the left, hated by the right, but always watched with fascination.
His fiery rhetoric trumpets social justice for Venezuela's poor - but has the revolution delivered everything it promised? Reporter Aaron Lewis goes deep inside Venezuela's poorest neighborhoods, and finds many of Chavez's best intentions have been thwarted by endemic corruption and the world's worst rate of violent crime
TIME: 8pm Wednesday September 20.(Repeated Thursday & Monday at 1pm)

You should find GLW 's intrepid Caracas bureau journoes -- Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter -- listed in the credits.
If you miss the broadcas on Wednesday,  SBS also  offers video on line of each week's show.