The smell of sulphur

By Peter Boyle

:When George Bush addressed the UN General Assembly he spoke like an angry deity admonishing the great majority of people of the world.

But Bush’s arrogant pretensions were punctured by President Hugo Chavez of the revolutionary government of Venezuela the next day.

“The Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil was here, in this very place. This table from where I speak still smells like sulfur. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, in this same hall the President of the United States, who I call ‘The Devil’, came here talking as if he owned the world.”The hall broke out into spontaneous laughter and applause. Not from the seats of the US delegation. They had been vacated.<br/><br/>The Devil was not amused and his minion, US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, dismissed Chavez’ speech as comic-strip approach to international affairs. However, Chavez speech spoke to people of world much more effectively than Bush’s bully’s lecture.

If you haven’t watched this Chavez speech to the UN you can access it here

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