Star Portraits

Television:I love the vagaries of the human face. I'm not immune to gesture but faces as in profiles and such are the greatest enigma imaginable. So I like to see portraits and Rolf Harris's series --Star Portraits --just finishing on ABC 2 is a great exercise in appreciating portraiture. And I really apprecate portraiture.

To see three different artists each week create a portrait of the same person makes -- would you believe it? -- for great television. This show should be shown to all high school art classes so that the young folk can get to relate to process rather than brutalising technique.

I don't paint. I don't sketch much -- although I've scribbled some good portraits -- but, you see, I want to sculpt and haven't been. I've got a commission in the works fro a play production in Melbourne in late October and hopefully that will get me back to the clay.

These portraits are of Mo Mowlam -- not my favourite politician (she was the architect of the "Peace Agreement" in Northern Ireland.) She died from a brain cancer soon after this pictures were painted aged 55.

As for Harris-- he did an earlier series on painting the portrait of the Queen of England and it was riveting.. He was all over the Royal WE like a rash but the process (and the result) was inspiring.