Tag/Guided Search: RRN

I have gone back on my ant1- raw sugar stance and have moved sideways and created a simple tag search feature using the platform.It's a straightforward exercise in finding your way around the topics on the Ratbag Radio Network.

You'll find the apparatus in the margin so:

Guided Search

I'll be orchestrating a series of tags to cover the network so you can find whatever whenever.And if you want to know the DIY, I have created a specific RRN account on del.icio.us
and I tag my content there which is then trawled/synched by raw sugar. I also have the RSS feeds for my blogs and podcasts registered with raw sugar so I've created a hybrid that straddles separate accounts on del.icio.us and raw sugar.

This means that you can subscribe to all the RRN tags -- but I'll tweak that a bit before I make it generally available.

Take it for a spin now...[Post ends.]